Multi activities and sports in the Gorges du Tarn

Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or with family, and are a beginner or experienced, come and share unforgettable times in a friendly atmosphere and in mind-blowing surroundings.


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The ideal activity for: 
stag and hen parties

a birthday or day out with friends or any occasion you want to share with others

On our new route: Sainte Enimie St Chély du Tarn, Come and have a go on the board in perfect safety

Come and have a whale of a time !!!!!!



In an extraordinary location, let our qualified and registered instructors show you what Sainte-Enimie has to offer for a day of maximum enjoyment.

By water, discover the hidden treasures that nature has created.

 fleche.pngCanyon du Haut Tarn (a fun-packed canyon suitable for families and children from 8 years old)

 fleche.pngCanyon du Tapoul (a more challenging canyon, suitable for 12 years and older).

In crystal-clear waters, you’ll pass the magnificent granite slabs and eroded rocks. As you progress, you’ll discover how water has moulded these huge basins and cascades that have become our playground.

Jumping (never compulsory), floating, sledging and even a sliding (tapoul) all await you.

Our instructor will make sure that this is a day to remember…

Remember: For this activity, you must be able to swim.

Please note: Let us know your weight, height and build so we can get the right equipment ready for you (suit, shoes, harness and helmet)

We do not provide shoes. Please bring a pair of trainers that cover your feet. They will only get wet. “Wet shoes” are not appropriate.

Via Ferrata Itinéraires aériens


By air, what about out aerial itineraries over the vias ferrata of Lozère?

 fleche.pngVia ferrata of Canourgue (Via ferrata in Lozère),
 fleche.pngVia ferrata of Florac (Via ferrata in Cévennes).

Located on the rocks under Florac or la Canourgue, these cable excursions will give another angle on the magnificent Lot and Tarn valleys. You’ll follow the cliffs to explore the vultures and other inhabitants of the pristinely preserved site.

As you progress, you will be able to choose between easier and more challenging destinations, depending on your choice (these re classed as AD (quite difficult) to D (difficult) for the Canourgue route and AD to ED (extremely difficult) for the Florac route. 

Your instructor will be able to advise and reassure you, making this this a truly unforgettable activity!



Sous terre, explorez les grandes classiques des Gorges du Tarn : les merveilles du 7 eme continent.

Plusieurs grottes sont accessibles en demi journée ou en journée.

fleche.pngLa grotte de Castelbouc avec ses étroitures,ses grandes salles et son lac syphon.

fleche.pngLa rivière souterraine de la Clujade, ou notre progression dans l'eau nous permet de découvrir tout le travail de mère nature.

fleche.pngLa Duganelle et son labyrinthe de sable.

fleche.pngEt pour des sorties plus sportives, les grandes courses classiques du secteur : La barelle, Drigas et tant d'autres, sans oublier la perle de Lozere : la traversée de Malaval.

Nous vous fournissons : casque avec éclairage, combinaison, genouillères et gants, et en fonction de la cavité et de la durée, baudrier et sac de transport.

Individual Paddle 

valentin paddle (Copier).jpg

Discover the Gorges du Tarn another way with this board.

You’ll explore the famous Gorges du Tarn from an entirely different angle whilst also having the same sense of adventure as the greatest surfers in town!

No need to worry – the stand-up paddle poses no danger!

       Anyone can do it

       6km Route Sainte Enimie St Chély du Tarn

(you can be accompanied by our qualified State Certificate instructor Esprit rivière)